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Dr. William Salazar Review of Mulich Realty

Posted by mulich on August 31, 2017
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Mark is a real estate agent with incredible quality work, commitment, and desire to work with you and for you. Mark is reliable, easy going and extremely dedicated. He is thorough in his assessment and understanding of the real estate market. I have been working with Mark for the last 6 months and it is a real delight.
Mark is very knowledgeable and very savvy about the market. He is great at getting incredible deals for you. He is dedicated, hardworking, with an incredible work ethic. Mark overextends himself to provide the best service to you. Mark makes promises and he follows through. He tells you that he is going to call you or that he is going to do a task for you and he does not stop until he accomplishes the task.
Mark has another great asset. He has a cadre of people that works for him and with him. This makes the process of purchasing a house or property really smooth. He does not only deal with the real state issues, but he also connects you with people like contractors, electricians, appraisers, insurance companies, and other crew that will help you to make a reality all the dreams that you have about your new purchased property.
I recommend Mark to you without reservations. He has all the qualities necessary to be named one of the best real estate agents in this market.
Thanks Mark for you talent and great commitment to excellent customer service!!
With deep appreciation,
William Salazar, MD

10/18/2012 – William Salazar, MD
Bought a home in 2012 in South Turpin Hill, Augusta, GA 30901.