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Danny and Pam Review of Mulich Realty

Posted by mulich on July 17, 2019
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Read mine if you want the truth in a nut shell. I’m not very good at writing these but here goes.
FIRST, If you are a 1st time buy or sell, 4th time buy or sell, or 20+ time buyer or seller, YOU NEED MARK.

I could say Mark was GREAT but that would make him a little above average. We have moved 22 times. Most have been sell and/or buy. This buy was different. We were moving to a new state, a new area, we knew nothing about or anyone. We came for a quick visit. Googled for Realtors near us and said, “first one that answers the phone we will go with” We dialed several only to get voicemail. Discouraged, we dialed one more… Mark answered. Ask us a few questions. Before we could get checked into our hotel he was sending us homes that fit our description. Within 2 hours we were looking at houses. Mark didn’t talk a lot but ask what we liked or didn’t like about each house. HE LISTENED!
Then had more lined up the next morning. We had to leave town but knew we had the PERFECT person for the job on our side.
It was wonderful to receive listing to say yes or no to over the next few weeks until we could return ready to buy. Ready because not only had listings been sent but very helpful information as well.
The day had come for our return. We were excited and so was Mark. He called us to see if our drive was going ok. As soon as we hit town we met him at the first house. Being old hands at this we are quick to say NO or MAYBE. We went through every listing he had lined up for that day and the next day before evening. Mark said I have one more I’d like to show you before it starts getting dark. OH MY !!! He had listened. I walked in the door and knew I was 🏡 home. We wanted to sleep on it and agreed to meet back the next morning. We had Mark write the offer. We bought the house. Returning home excited about our new HOME didn’t end the help from Mark. Over the next few weeks we emailed, texted and talked many times. Mark dots every i and crosses every t for you. Even after the sell he still stays in contact with helpful info or reminders. Again, if you are a first time buyer, 4th time buyer or 22nd time buyer, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BETTER REALTOR THAN MARK.