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Alex and Janae Review of Mulich Realty

Posted by mulich on January 23, 2019
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Mark was hands down the best realtor we could have hoped for. We contacted Mark months before we were ready to buy and he was happy to assist us. He answered all of our questions in a way we could understand and gave us tons of great information we didn’t even realize we needed. Mark always felt more like a friend than a realtor we had only just met. He is absolutely trustworthy and treats you with respect and constantly has your best interest in mind. His team and tools are the best in the business. Once we began looking at homes, he had expert unfiltered advice for us on every home. He told us the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having a realtor like Mark who was solely interested in getting the best home for our family was priceless. He didn’t hold back information for hopes of making a sale, he advised based on his knowledge and honest opinions. It took us a while to find a home and we even had a few set backs. During this time Mark continued to provide red carpet treatment and fostered our every hope. He went to bat for us a few times and showed that while he is friendly and professional, taking care of his clients has no bound! After finding the home we wanted and proceeding forward, Mark constantly informed us, of the upcoming steps so there were never any surprises. He even payed for our home inspection after a fault that had nothing to do with him. We now own our first home, for a great price and we were beyond confident all along the way, thanks to Mark!