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I am a young first time home buyer who had absolutely no clue what I was doing or really what I was looking for. Mark went above and beyond so many times during the whole home buying process. He kept me informed on everything that was going on and explained what everything meant. Very quick to respond to anything and everything. He made buying a home as stress free as possible! I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone looking for a home!

Sydney Downs

As first-time home buyers, Mark took care of us from start to finish. He made sure we knew what needed to be done at each stage, and also advised us to make negotiations as straightforward as possible. I’d also like to highlight that he was extremely responsive. If ever I had any concerns, I could send an email or text, and I’d usually get a reply within minutes. This helped ease all of my anxieties through the whole process. Can’t recommend him highly enough!!

Allele Dev

Mark is the best-of-the-best realtor in the market. Once we contacted him for help, he immediately set things in motion. He provided great buying advice and just asked that we put our trust and faith in him. We are so glad we did.
He frequently emailed the most current listings and was very honest, thorough and straight to the point with our selections. We were buying a home from overseas and we desperately needed his expertise, his eyes, and his ability look out for us. He did not disappoint.
We do not think the man ever sleeps. Mark was very quick with getting back to us with the information needed and getting things done on time. He worked very hard and did everything he could to make this process very smooth for us.
From Sharon, our bank lender to the inspector to the contractors that he uses,… Read more “Buddy & Vikki Review of Mulich Realty”

Clifton and Vikki Kerr

Ohh, where do I start? The beginning of course! My husband and I decided to sell a rental property that we lived 2 hours from. We were in a position that we needed to get full market value for our property. We knew going into this that in order to achieve this we’d have to put some time, work and money into the property upfront prior to going to market. We also knew that because of our schedule and distance away from the property that we needed someone with experience and above the average realtor from the start to help guide us through this. Mark was recommended to us. I made the call to speak with him. From that call forward things could not have gone any quicker or smoother. He knew what we needed and advised us every step of the way. We put 2 long hard weeks into… Read more “Andre and Pam Review of Mulich Realty”

Pam and Andre

Read mine if you want the truth in a nut shell. I’m not very good at writing these but here goes.
FIRST, If you are a 1st time buy or sell, 4th time buy or sell, or 20+ time buyer or seller, YOU NEED MARK. I could say Mark was GREAT but that would make him a little above average. We have moved 22 times. Most have been sell and/or buy. This buy was different. We were moving to a new state, a new area, we knew nothing about or anyone. We came for a quick visit. Googled for Realtors near us and said, “first one that answers the phone we will go with” We dialed several only to get voicemail. Discouraged, we dialed one more… Mark answered. Ask us a few questions. Before we could get checked into our hotel he was sending us homes that fit our… Read more “Danny and Pam Review of Mulich Realty”

Danny & Pam Ezell

Where can I start with explaining the caliber of realtor and person that Mark is? Mark sold us our home in 2013 the process was smooth and painless. We had a negative experience with renting and reached back out to him to help us get us out of that situation. Once we resolved the property management issue he immediately sprung into action and put an aggressive plan together to get the home sold. Once the home was listed he had got us under contract in 1 day for full asking price. We should have reached out to him much sooner. That would have saved a lot of headache and money. If we are ever back in the local area he will be the ONLY PERSON that we will work with. True professional.

Tyler Ring

Awesome realtor. Gave pros and cons to every house visited and made the process smooth and easily. Was able to close on the house in a month or so.

Amanda Flowers

As first time homebuyers, my husband and I, had no idea what to expect. I am not sure where to begin. Mark is professional, reliable, extremely honest, and very trustworthy. He will let you know every aspect of the buying process and thoroughly explain each step. He was with us at each pivotal moment. He really is hardworking and can be reached at any time via phone, email, or text.
I was referred to Mark by a former coworker, Lauren Williams, a few years ago. She vehemently expressed to me how great he was and those words stuck with me. So when the time came around for us to purchase a home. I remembered I saved his contact information.
I emailed Mark and was contacted the same day. I remember my husband and I were preapproved the day before for a home loan with Wells Fargo and I… Read more “Al and Jasmine Review of Mulich Realty”

Jasmine Branch

This guy Mark was absolutely amazing. I actually found him online while I was still living in Germany. I was searching for an agent to help me with inquiries about homes in the Fort Gordon area. His reviews were amazing so I decided to give him a shot. To no surprise he was absolutely outstanding. Mark took a lot of personal time to make me and my wife feel comfortable during our first homebuying experience. He talked with us on the phone late at night sometimes just to ease stress and clairify. Not once did I ever feel pushed or rushed Mark was completely in tune with what we wanted and was not willing to settle until we got just that. Mark is truly a diamond among wolves in the real estate world. When writing a review I typically like to recommend one improvement. However, We honestly can’t come up… Read more “Jamie and Jiska Review of Mulich Realty”

Jamie Mewborn

Mark was hands down the best realtor we could have hoped for. We contacted Mark months before we were ready to buy and he was happy to assist us. He answered all of our questions in a way we could understand and gave us tons of great information we didn’t even realize we needed. Mark always felt more like a friend than a realtor we had only just met. He is absolutely trustworthy and treats you with respect and constantly has your best interest in mind. His team and tools are the best in the business. Once we began looking at homes, he had expert unfiltered advice for us on every home. He told us the good, the bad, and the ugly. Having a realtor like Mark who was solely interested in getting the best home for our family was priceless. He didn’t hold back information for hopes of making… Read more “Alex and Janae Review of Mulich Realty”

Alexander Jacob

Mark did a wonderful job helping me buy my first home. He was very informative and honest.
He made the experience less stressful and is always willing to help in any way he can. I will definitely
recommend him to any of my friends and family because I know that he will take great care of them.
There is a reason he has 5/5 stars! Thanks again Mark~!

Johnna B. Fortes

It’s hard to even begin putting into words how great Mark has been in making my first home buying experience a smooth success- even with me living in Australia the entire time! Since the beginning, he’s been personable, honest and open with me about everything. He does not hesitate to provide his opinion when asked and gives insight on any aspect of the house or the process. Very quick to respond and is full of great information- he really thinks of everything. I especially appreciate how patient he was with me as I am a bit picky for the price range I was going for. Since I had no idea what I was doing and was so far away, I had to put all my trust in Mark. He stresses trust and communication. Once the process got rolling and I started bouncing listings I had found off him- it was… Read more “Diana Review of Mulich Realty”

Diana Hutt

We have been clients of Mark since he helped us buy our first home in 2014. We have nothing but good things to say about Mark. He recently helped us to both sell our house and buy a new townhome that we love. He has always made the home buying and selling process very smooth and keeps us informed, sharing his expertise with us throughout the process from start to finish. He took into consideration our personal life circumstances and worked tirelessly to set us up with a home that fit our needs and was in keeping with our financial goals. His sense of professionalism and work ethic is outstanding, and this makes him a pleasure to work with and gives a great feeling of peace of mind. He has proved to be extremely trustworthy, and he only chooses to associate his name and business with other serious professionals. He… Read more “Jenna & Monique Review of Mulich Realty”

Jenna and Monique

First of all, we thank Mr. Mark and the entire team for such a harmonized and professional service. We also thank the coordinator for the timely updates and step-by-step guide. Unambiguously, we would say, if Mr. Mark is around, home buying will be a cake-walk for anyone. Mark is not only well-versed and detail-oriented in the real estate business, he also teaches his client and make them aware what is exactly happening through-out the home-buying process. The first-time home buyers will always be in a comfort zone right from the start to end of the whole process. I have to mention that, Mark has a wonderful network engaging all professionals that are equally genuine and interested in serving their customers. We are happy to work with Mulich realty and more than happy to recommend them to our family & friends without any reservation. Thanks Mark!

Pachiappan Arjunan

***** 5 STAR SERVICE*****
First, I have to say this was the most dramatic purchase we have experienced! Not because of Mark, thankfully, he kept our heads on straight. We were moving, selling our home in Hawaii, and buying a home here in Evans, GA. The house being sold in Hawaii did not go as planned and caused us a lot of heartache. Mark was on the phone with our realtor out in Hawaii and both realtors HI and GA did their best to keep us calm and on track. Eventually, the house in HI closed and we still got to buy our dream home in GA. Although the HI home was not the only issue… as the sellers agent here in GA (working for a relocation company) was not super fast to respond; Mark still stayed on top of all action items. Last minute, the seller had a… Read more “Chris and Sabrina Review of Mulich Realty”

Sabrina M Pulliam

Mark and Christy at Mulich Realty provided us with an unforgettable home-buying experience. As first-time home buyers, we had heard all the horror stories about the nuances of the process. What we experienced, however, was completely different. Mark provided us with impeccable customer service, answering our many questions and concerns throughout the process, as well as remarkable recommendations in regards to lenders, home inspections, contractors for home repairs, and beyond. It was these recommendations that expedited our experience, as did all of Mark’s timely reminders of things to do along the way. I would highly recommend Mark and Mulich Realty to all those looking to purchase a home in the CSRA. It was a delight to work with them and we greatly appreciate all their assistance. There isn’t a more thorough and honest realtor around.

Michael Downes

I have used Mark twice and have been completely satisfied both times. The recommendations he made were always in my best interest. As a member of the military moving and setting up housing is always a challenge but he makes it as stress-free as you could ever hope. He helped me buy and then sell a house a few years later which was by far my best investment decision ever. The lender he recommended beat every other bank I asked and closings were a piece of cake. If you truly want someone you can trust and work with to get the job done with the highest level of professionalism, Mark is the only person you should use. He helped me on both occasions while I was over 600 miles away as if I was his next door neighbor. Rely on his expertise; follow his guidance; and prepare to have your… Read more “William Review of Mulich Realty”


As a first time home-buyer, I never expected my experience to go this smoothly. Not only did Mark take care of every step along the way, he sent out reminders, scheduled appointments, informative emails to help me better understand all the processes of home buying, and provided every option available to me. But above all, he had my back the entire way. From the start he sought out to find the perfect home for me and my wants and needs, and then found me the best deals. He continuously asked me to trust him, and bearing in mind all the reviews I read about him, I put my trust in him and was not disappointed. Mark will also help you to understand if your home is worth buying as an investment. From start to finish I never stressed and considering this was all new to me I expected the worst.… Read more “Nicole Review of Mulich Realty”

Nicole Hunter

Mark and his team took care of my family with our transition from Hawaii to Georgia. He was very informative and cared a great deal about getting us exactly what we asked for. We will definitely be using his services again in the future.


Mark and Christy were wonderful! They handled absolutely everything and made us feel so comfortable with buying our new home. He set us up with the best inspectors and even got us someone to look inside our HVAC unit. There was never a moment of doubt during our process. I highly recommend him! He will take great care of you!

Amanda Bennett

When my husband and I met Mark we could immediately tell he was knowledgable and passionate about the work he does. After working with him to find out first home and putting our trust in him we are now happily settled in our new place. Along the way Mark and Christy (Transaction Coordinator) communicated and worked with us on any questions or concerns we had. We are both so thankful that we chose Mark and recommend him to anyone looking to buy a home!!

Shelbie Marshall

My experience with Mark and the associates of Mulich Realty has been nothing short of amazing. I reached out to Mark on two separate occasions, I provided him with the specifics of what I was looking for and both times he surpassed my expectations. Not only did Mark find my dream home, he referred me to two of his many contacts who thouroghly conducted inspections and helped me secure an excellent interest rate on my loan. Mark is a true professional and his dedication goes unmatched!

Harry Hall

Mark was recommended to me by a military spouse group. I was very anxious being a first time home buyer but Mark and Christy were AMAZING!!! They made the process so simple, they guided me every step of the way. We bought our house sight unseen, it was a new construction kind of far from Mark’s office but he drove out there and did video walk-throughs of our home and Christy made a Facebook page for our home so we could follow the construction. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a home. He is very knowledgeable on if the home will pass a home inspection and gives you honest feedback. He stayed in constant contact with us from the time I first filled out his information request form in April/May until we closed in August. He goes above and beyond what I expected a realtor to do. Mark… Read more “Chris and Jessica Review of Mulich Realty”

Jessica Peters

Buying a house with Mark was a great experience. He is very knowledgeable on the CRSA market and honest of the properties he shows you. If its not something that he would be willing to put a family member in, he wont recommend it. He guides you through the process of buying, which can be very painful at times and makes it something quick an easy. Any questions and concerns you have, he is there to help you out. He doesn’t sugar coat things and build them up just to try and get you to buy. He genuinely wants you to have the house you want, and gives you realistic options on getting it. When it comes to making offers, he gets you best deal you can possibly get. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor.

Ryan Cirocco

Mark was one of the brightest spots in my entire Augusta experience. He truly felt like a friend and partner in both buying and selling my home and referred me to a great property management company that I worked with a few years after I moved away. Mark really earned my trust after several years of business and my biggest regret is not trusting him even more at an earlier stage and benefiting from his wisdom gained from several years as a top realtor in the CSRA. He is and deserved to be known as the best realtor in the area.

Joseph Collins

I really don’t know where to begin. I cant put into words the service that Mark provided to me. He truly made my home buying experience stress free, From the beginning to the end Mark was there, Even after closing Mark follow up to make sure everything was taken care of as promised. He is very loyal and dedicated to making sure your needs are met, His integrity is beyond reproach, He is not just an average broker or someone who is looking for a quick sale. Mark took the time and went above and beyond what was expected of him by teaching and guiding me through the entire process. He will work around your schedule no matter what day of the week to include Sundays. Once I told Mark what I was looking for he immediately set up a search engine for me and provided me with a list… Read more “Fred Review of Mulich Realty”


When you’ve had as good of a broker as Mark, its really hard to find the perfect words to describe the process and experience you had. I was a first time home buyer who was really confused about the process in general. All I knew was I wanted to purchase a house. I was referred to Mark by a friend who absolutely loved his work. Upon first meeting with him he broke everything down step by step and eased quite a bit of the worry I was feeling. I learned so much about the home buying process in just that first meeting. I even brought a friend along for emotional support and she too learned quite a bit of information. The most important thing that he stressed was to trust him and the process. In my mind I was saying he’s the broker and this is his specialty so that’s… Read more “Stacee Review of Mulich Realty”

Stacee Kingsberry

My daughter found Mark Mulich thru excellent reviews on
the internet. After my initial contact with him, he sold our
property in less than a month. Mark is very professional, knowledgeable, honest, and
trustworthy. He’s very quick and responsive to your emails,
text messages, and phone calls. Mark is an excellent broker/
realtor. If you need someone to get the job done right, go to Mark!
I’m completely satisfied and would definitely recommend
Mulich Realty!

Trifonilo Castillo

First of all, we thank Mr. Mark and the entire team for such a harmonized and professional service. We also thank the coordinator for the timely updates and step-by-step guide. Unambiguously, we would say, if Mr. Mark is around, home buying will be a cake-walk for anyone. Mark is not only well-versed and detail-oriented in the real estate business, he also teaches his client and make them aware what is exactly happening through-out the home-buying process. The first-time home buyers will always be in a comfort zone right from the start to end of the whole process. I have to mention that, Mark has a wonderful network engaging all professionals that are equally genuine and interested in serving their customers. We are happy to work with Mulich realty and more than happy to recommend them to our family & friends without any reservation. Thanks Mark!- PachiRadhi

Pachiappan Arjunan

Mark really works hard for his clients!!!This is my second time working with Mark. Mark had sold my parents their home a couple of years ago. He had done such a wonderful job with them that I knew id want to work with him again once it was my turn. Mark just sold me and my fiance our first home and I am very pleased and thankful for all of his help! Being that this was our first experience buying a home, he did a great job of sitting us down and explaining the whole home buying process in a way that really made sense! He met with is and before we even started looking to get an idea of what we were looking for. When it came to emailing back and forth he was always prompt with is responses and handled everything very professionally. He has a great personality.… Read more “Sarah and Connor Review of Mulich Realty”

Connor and Sarah

Mark and his team are THE best! They are the A team of real estate! Whether you are an A-type personality or nervous about the home buying process, Mark makes sure you are informed every step of the way with calls,texts,and emails. No question is too small or silly and you feel like you are his only client. If you follow his lead, he will make sure you are organized and that you have everything you need to close the deal while paying attention to all the details that will benefit you. I recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in buying a home; you won’t regret it.

Brandy Drayton

If you’re looking for a home, Mark is the Realtor you want on your team. He’s extremely trustworthy, detail oriented, and will help you find exactly what you’re looking for. He’s the guy who will make sure you know exactly what the process is for every step of the home-buying journey, and will be able to answer any question you have or find you the answer ASAP. Everything from the loan process to getting your electric and garbage figured out for your area will be a breeze.
He’ll check that your roof is in good condition, your heat and AC will work, and your plumbing isn’t about to cause major issues for you in a month. If you want a good sale or rent value for your home later he’ll also make sure what you’re looking at is going to have that. Mark will hone in on everything that… Read more “David and Rachel Review of Mulich Realty”

David and Rachel

I cannot express how appreciative we are of Mark’s efforts in finding the perfect house for us. A true professional from the very beginning, Mark made what could have been a very stressful process a breeze. We stumbled upon Mark while trying to find information regarding the various HOA’s in the Evans/Grovetown area. A video he had posted detailing a neighborhood led us to his page; his bio and reviews impressed us and his quick and informative reply to our inquiries set the foundation for a great real estate experience. Mark’s knowledge of the area market is second to none and he will do everything in his power to ensure you are entering into a great deal with a house you love! You WILL NOT find a better, more honest realtor! THANK YOU, Mark! – Dustin and Heather

Dustin and Heather

Mark definitely made the process of selling and buying a home as painless as possible. He carefully explained his process step by step and followed through.

James M. Hickok Jr.

As a first-time home-buyer, Mark definitely set the standard for a Real Estate Broker. His guidance and assistance made the entire process stress-free. Consulting and getting his help was one of the best decisions we made – we knew we found the right person from our first meeting. Mark not only coordinated all the important transactions (most notably the closing cost), but he also was transparent and kept us informed throughout the entire home buying process. We could count on his timely response no matter the time of day. Mark’s commitment to his clients, tact and honesty speaks volume of his character and was exhibited throughout this process. His wealth of knowledge, social network and grasp of the area’s real estate market proved invaluable. We appreciated his insight and efforts in making the whole process as painless as possible. I recommend Mark to anyone who is interested in buying a… Read more “Tony and Larisa Review of Mulich Realty”

Tony and Larisa

Mark Mulich is very simply the best real estate broker you will ever have the pleasure to work with. He took the time to prepare me every step of the way. He was direct and honest, while still being incredibly kind and professional. Not only did Mark help me find exactly what I was looking for, he also attended every meeting and inspection to ensure that every detail was being taken care of. He really made the home buying experience a breaze! 04/25/2016 – Christy L.
Bought a home in 2016 in Maddox, Grovetown, GA 30813.

Christy L

Mark has now helped us buy two different houses, and sell one. He has been amazing throughout the selling and buying process. I recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent. We wouldn’t use anyone else other than Mark.

Suzy Turner

My husband and I are first time homeowners thanks to the help we had from Mark. When we first contacted Mark about purchasing a home I felt right away that he was exactly who we needed. He made sure to lay everything bare with us about the process and all that it would entail. I felt like I learned a lot in just that first meeting with him. When he took us to view homes he was very honest with us about how the properties would resell or if the price was a little too steep for the square footage. As a military family we definitely appreciated the insight incase we have to move in the future. Through the whole process he made sure to keep us well informed and if we didn’t understand something he made sure to explain it. He never made us feel like he was just… Read more “The Tosses Family”

Elizabeth Tosses

When it comes to real estate agents Mark is very impressive and very professional. Mark stayed in contact with us the whole time either email, text, or phone. Mark made the sale process very easy. If you ever need too sell your property this is the agent to contact. And by the way he had our house under contract in 7 days! Very impressive. Thank you Mark!
Roy and Maria 10/31/2015 – Roy and Maria
Sold a home in 2015 in Montclair, GA 30907.

Roy and Maria

Mark Mulich exceeded our expectations yet again. We purchased our home in 2013 with Mark as our agent and it was a great experience. Thus, it was an easy decision to ask Mark for help when we needed to sell our house. After receiving a short notice job transfer, we needed to sell it rather quickly as well. Mark and his transaction coordinator Christie got right to work. They were very organized and experienced with what to expect. As a first-time home seller, it was vital to have Mark and Christie guiding us through the process. We would have been lost without them. We had our home under contract at above list price within 3 days as a result of their recommendations and hard work. Mark continued to closely advise us through the inspection and due diligence and a few weeks later we walked away from the closing table with… Read more “Pete and Sarah Review of Mulich Realty”

Pete and Sarah

I was deployed when I was hired for a position in at Fort Gordon. I decided it would be better to buy than rent so I found Mark through Zillow and emailed him inquiring about where to start. Mark quickly emailed me back and broke down the entire process in detail from start to finish. He took my price range, location, and must haves and gave me updated listings almost every day. He steered me away from bad homes and pointed out hidden value in other homes.
When Mark says trust him on the lender, DO IT! He put me in contact with a local bank that gave me an amazing interest rate much lower than the banks I had previously looked into. Mark guided me through every step of the way and made sure once we found the house I wanted that we were the first to see… Read more “Daniel Review of Mulich Realty”


Mrs. Sonya Graham
10/30/16 I always knew that I had a guardian angel; little did I know that it would be Mark Mulich. Mark
was referred to my husband and I, by my two neices and one of my daughters. So when we
fell in love with a beautiful home, Mark was the person that we turned to. It was one of the best
decisions we’ve ever made!! Just like a true guardian angel, Mark watched over us and always
looked out for our best interest. I must admit that I had my doubts about what we were getting
into, but Mark, our guardian angel, swept in and in a most professional and efficient way, guided
us through the contencious battle of the house buying process.
Mark Mulich exhibited so many traits, that we, as clients found endearing and admirable:
1.… Read more “James and Sonya Graham”

James and Sonya Graham

Mark has to be the best realtor in Augusta. He has made buying our first home an easy process. Mark is very respectful and knowledgable. He was able to answer all questions and concerns even with my family and I living out of state. Thank you for all your hard work. I will definitely recommend you to others.

DaiSean and Zakia

We were a bit hesitant about the whole house-buying process and resorted to renting for awhile. When we decided it was time for more room, we were referred from a friend to Mark. From the time we met Mark until the day we closed was by far the easiest thing we’ve done. Mark was there every step of the way and went above and beyond through this process. We love our home and couldn’t be happier with how things turned out!

Jon and Amber

Mark was great to work with! He is very professional and went the extra mile several times for us. He truly made buying a home an easy process. He was patient while we looked for a home and we never felt pressured or that we were a burden to him. In fact, he offered us very helpful insight and advice throughout our time with him. Mark represented us well the entire time. He answered calls and emails promptly. When it came to the selling of our home, Mark sat down and explained everything to us. We had a lot of questions and he was able to answer them fully and professionally. I have already begun to recommend Mark to friends. I recommend him to you, too! You won’t be disappointed!

Bert and Nikki

Simply outstanding! Mulich Realty is second to none. Over my 25 years of military service, I have interacted with numerous real estate agents/brokers through purchasing homes or renting property. I have never had the pleasure of working with as outstanding a broker as Mark Mulich. He is professional, attentive, courteous and considerate. His team provided constant reminders to ensure everything remained on track. To say that Mark and his team is great is truly an understatement. Mark Mulich is superb and went above and beyond to ensure all of my real estate needs were met. I met Mark on 16 May 2017 to search for a future home and I closed on that home 5 June 2017 without any challenges from lenders or inspections. This has truly been a wonderful experience and I just want to say Thank you and job well done. Very respectfully


Mark made my first home purchase way easier than I expected it to be! I recently relocated from Seattle and wanted to pick out a home and close on it so that I could move right in when I got here. Mark made that happen! He was always in contact and made the long distance a non-factor. He went above and beyond throughout the entire process to include going out to measure the square footage of a house at 10 O’clock at night because he thought the MLS seemed off. He was right (as usual!). I will be referring anyone I know to him for buying or selling. He made it so pain free I almost want to buy another one right now! I can’t say enough. Thank you, Mark! 04/10/2015 – ryanadams usn
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Grovetown, GA.

Ryan Adams

Mark is an absolutely incredible person to work with. This was my first time purchasing a new home and I truthfully knew nothing. Mark didn’t use a lot of real estate jargon and explained things where it was easy to comprehend. He was patient and kept our spirits high when we missed out on the first few houses we put an offer on (not his fault). He was also honest and help us consider negatives of each home, he also put into perspective the kinds of work that each home needed…I’m not overly experienced on home improvement so he helped me to see the reality of some home projects that I assumed would be simple fixes. Mark was also incredibly responsive to e-mail, phone calls and texts. He has a lot of customers but has a unique way of making you feel like you are his number one priority. Additionally,… Read more “Jessica Anthony Review of Mulich Realty”

Jessica Anthony

It is quite rare to encounter such an authentic and dedicated real estate professional. Mark Mulich not only met but truly exceeded our expectations. Mark provided us with candid, sound advice with only our best interests in mind. He executed our plan with an attention to detail that impressed me, a Type A perfectionist personality . That is no small task in and of itself. Mark is a very reliable and prompt email responder which always gets my attention as well. Our story starts with the purchase of a lovely, new construction 4 years ago. We trusted him and sought out his expert opinion. He advised my husband and I to offer on this home over another higher priced home. He said he felt better about the location and resale potential of the cheaper home. Personally, I liked the more expensive home, but my gut knew that Mark was looking… Read more “Ronnie and Christal Review of Mulich Realty”

Ronnie and Christal

A friend recommended us to Mark and he is fantastic! We’re first time home buyers in the military and he made this experience super easy for us. We trusted him with a lot of stuff we didn’t really know about and we came out with a great deal! He’s been doing this for a long time and has great recommendations for anything and everything! My favorite thing about Mark is that he’s a straight shooter. He’ll tell you if a house is not worth it right off the bat. If we ever need an agent again, he will be the one to call! We would give him far more than 5/5 stars if we could! 10/01/2014 – Toby and Alexa
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $150K in Martinez, GA.

Toby and Alexa

Mark was a pleasure to work with. He made himself available at any time for our questions and concerns. He walked my wife and I through the process since this was our first home buying experience. We were fully informed every step of the way. I can’t imagine anyone providing better service than Mark. We are extremely fortunate to have worked with him. 02/19/2014 – ChrisThoma
Bought a home in 2014 in Snead, Evans, GA 30809.

Chris and Katie

As first time homebuyers, Mark Mulich was the perfect realtor for us. Before we even started looking at homes, he talked us through the process so we knew exactly what we were responsible for upfront. He helped us narrow down our search and find a home that was right for us. Mark saved us a lot of frustration and headache by recommending good local companies to work with and setting up appointments with the inspections company. The whole process went much more smoothly than we could have imagined because he’s so on top of things and not willing to waste anyone’s time. We would recommend Mark to anyone and everyone. 07/23/2014 – Mark and Sam
Bought a home in 2014 in Maddox, Grovetown, GA 30813.

Mark and Sam

Mark is very professional and attentive to detail. I would definitely work with him again if I ever plan on selling my home. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking to buy or sell their home. 01/10/2017 – Tim and Asuka
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $300K in Grovetown, GA.

Tim and Asuka

When we first emailed Mark about possibly buying a house he was very honest with us. He answered every question and email in a timely manner and never left us hanging. When it came time for us to look at houses he was on time and provided all information on each house. Once we found our home, we followed all of his tips and instructions and everything was very smooth. We worked with the builder to get items fixed for us before we moved in as well. If ever we have to sell our home, we will usr Mark to help us do that and trust he wil do a great job. Great realtor and person to work with. Thank you so much Mark! 08/27/2013 – Paul and Sarah
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $175K in Evans, GA.

Paul and Sarah

Mark Mulich is really wonderful realtor. We were first time buyers and he not only helped us to buy a home but also guided us in every bit of the process. We came to Augusta from Ohio and we were not aware of this area and market. He was so patient in showing us so many houses and letting us know the pros and cons of each property. It was our first time buying and the process was so smooth and easy. He was working with us round the clock and able to negotiate with the seller for a good deal. We are grateful for all of his expertise and hard work. Highly recommend him for new buyers and previous buyers should try him and feel the difference. Thank you very much Mark for all your help and suggestions. God bless you. 10/08/2015 – Siva
Bought a Single Family… Read more “Siva Review of Mulich Realty”


Incredible customer service! Just trust Mark, he will not lead you wrong. Mark was our agent in a $399k buy and was absolutely on target with all of his advice. We would recommend him without hesitation. He will take care of you and your family and make your home buying experience as stress free as possible. 06/28/2014 – Burchett
Bought a home in 2014 in Snead, Evans, GA 30809.


Mark is a real estate agent with incredible quality work, commitment, and desire to work with you and for you. Mark is reliable, easy going and extremely dedicated. He is thorough in his assessment and understanding of the real estate market. I have been working with Mark for the last 6 months and it is a real delight.
Mark is very knowledgeable and very savvy about the market. He is great at getting incredible deals for you. He is dedicated, hardworking, with an incredible work ethic. Mark overextends himself to provide the best service to you. Mark makes promises and he follows through. He tells you that he is going to call you or that he is going to do a task for you and he does not stop until he accomplishes the task.
Mark has another great asset. He has a cadre of people that works for… Read more “Dr. William Salazar Review of Mulich Realty”

William Salazar, MD

If you want someone who is honest, treats you with respect as a person and not a client whom they can just make money off of, and is very hard working knowledgable professional, than Mark Mulich is definitely who you want to help you buy or sell your home! Came on orders to PCS to Georgia this year and just by chance, we ran across Mark’s website. He continually worked with us for several months prior to us getting here (don’t know of many ppl or companies who would do that for a potential client). Being new to the area we were trusting of Mark’s expertise and opinion about certain areas along with the little research we did on our own. Came here and within a weeks time frame ( and a ton of houses later) we finally found one that we absolutely loved, had an offer accepted, and three… Read more “Tyler and Tiffany Review of Mulich Realty”

Tyler and Tiffany

Mark was very good at getting the paperwork needed together very quickly. He was very helpful with my wife while I was deployed to Afghanistan and help with anything she needed. When I first started talking with him about buying a house he had different emails every couple days until we found the one we wanted, and once we found was able to get a us a show time fairly quick seeing as how almost all the other house we liked by the time we actually got around to looking were already under contract. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a house in the Greater Augusta Area. 05/22/2013 – Roger and Alana
Sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $250K in Grovetown, GA.

Roger and Alana

While in school at Fort Gordon, my wife contacted Mark through Zillow to set up some houses for us to evaluate. I quickly found out that Mark was very honest and knowledgeable about the houses he was showing. He did background checks on each house for structure damage. When we did decide on a house, he helped me find local banker that beat my national banks interest rate, an great home inspector that caught many things that needed to be fixed, and Mark helped me through the whole process while I was back home away from Augusta. If I could give him more stars, I would. Mark became more to me than just a real estate agent. He now is a good friend that continues to help me find other professional help in this area. If you give him a chance, you will be so glad that you did. He… Read more “Richard Curry Review of Mulich Realty”

Richard Curry

We were first time homebuyers and bought our house sight unseen from overseas. There is no way we would have been able to do this and have such a stress-free experience if Mark had not been our realtor. He put in 150% of his effort and time and was consistently patient and thorough when we needed questions answered whether via phone or email. We would always hear back from him in a timely manner and we appreciated his knowledge of the area as we were moving from so far away. We also appreciated his honesty and direct nature when it came time for negotiations for our purchase. He got us an incredible deal and we could not be more thankful that our first time buying a house and having not seen it before signing papers worked so smoothly and hassle-free. 12/07/2016 – PeterKhallaf
Bought a Single Family home in… Read more “Peter Khallaf Review of Mulich Realty”

Peter Khallaf

Mark Mulich is a phenomenal real estate agent! My wife and I were new to the world of home buying, and Mark was fantastic at explaining the process and advising us along the way. He put a tremendous amount of personal effort into ensuring that we found the right home for us, paid the right price, and understood what was going on throughout the entire experience. His tremendous knowledge of the local market and builders was so helpful to us. We decided on new construction and Mark made sure the home we chose was built by a reputable builder. He holds a very high standard for himself, and ensures the construction that is done for his clients meets that same standard. He is extremely protective of his clients’ money as well. He spent countless hours making sure we did not pay extra costs and got the best deal possible. If… Read more “Pete and Sarah Review of Mulich Realty”

Pete and Sarah

We are writing to express our immense pleasure with real estate agent and power broker Mark Mulich, who represented us in our recent home purchase. Mr. Mulich guided us through the entire process, from loan pre-qualification to searching for houses, to making the offer and closing the deal. We credit Mark with an ultra-smooth, stress-free home buying experience. Mr. Mulich is savvy, very personable and knows the market inside and out. We couldn’t have gotten our dream home without him. In summary, we are nothing but extremely pleased with Mark Mulich and his expertise. He is hands down the best in the business and we highly recommend him to any and everyone. Dr. and Mrs. Mark Hessenthaler 09/01/2014 – Hessenthaler
Bought a home in 2014.

The Hessenthaler's

We could not have been more pleased with our home buying experience with Mark Mulich. From searching for a home, negotiation, and closing it could not have gone smoother. He stays on top of things and responds with lighting speed!! He is kind, smart and only had our best interest at heart with the utmost integrity. I cannot express enough the ease of the entire home buying process. I would highly recommend Mark Mulich for anyone looking for a realtor in the CSRA! 06/01/2014 – Keith and Stephanie
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $275K in Evans, GA.

Keith and Stephanie

Mark is AMAZING!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!!!! We closed on our home today in Augusta and we are currently stationed in Germany. Having never met him, I contacted Mark via email after waiting for a response from another realtor who failed to even acknowledge or respond to my request for assistance. Mark immediately responded to my email, and since then has been so attentive to our needs. He helped us find the perfect home. First off, he worked around a 6 hour time difference and stayed in constant contact to ensure things were moving as they should. His level of professionalism, honesty and knowledge of the local area helped us tremendously in making this a successful transaction. Never being to the area, Mark provided helpful information that made this whole process stress free!!! I cannot say enough positive things about Mark Mulich. A true gentleman. A true Pro. Man of his word.… Read more “Karla and Milton Review of Mulich Realty”

Karla and Milton

Mark was recommended to us by several people with rave reviews. He would work all hours to help us find the perfect house. We would send emails late at night to receive a reply within a few minutes. He had extensive knowledge of all local construction companies currently building houses. He was honest and upfront about the problems with houses we looked at.I highly recommend working with him if you are even considering finding a home in the area. I would also suggest that once you have made the best choice, from then on you trust his advice as it is invaluable. He simply knows exactly what he’s talking about and is the only guidance and help I could even think to recommend in Augusta. Absolutely the best. joseph and shannon odom 10/04/2014 – joseph and shannon
Bought a home in 2014 in Maddox, Grovetown, GA 30813.

Joseph and Shannon

Mark Has such a high rating for a reason. Hands down the best realtor I have ever worked with. Very professional! He truly does have the buyers best interest in mind and knows what to look for. (and what to look out for!) The average realtor puts in about level 6 effort. Mark puts in Level 10! He really is that much better. Thanks again Mark! 11/14/2013 – Joseph
Bought a home in 2013 in Maddox, Grovetown, GA 30813.


We were first time homebuyers, new to the area, and had no idea what to expect. I’m not even sure we knew exactly what we were looking for! Mark was highly responsive, and answered my first contact within hours. He was able to answer all my questions, explain the process in great detail, and set us on course to begin looking for a home on a timeline that worked for us. While searching for financing, Mark helped us find a local lender that we could trust. My husband’s work history was up and down due to seasonal shifts where we used to live, so it was a challenge to get pre-approved. Mark helped us make this happen. Secondly, once we were ready to start looking, we had no idea what to expect or even what exactly we wanted. Mark was incredibly patient with us, helped us sort out the chaos… Read more “Nicholas and Kimberly Review of Mulich Realty”

Nicholas and Kimberly

I absolutely loved working with Mark. The home that I originally picked out had a major flaw that the listing agent was hiding and he immediately knew something was wrong and recommended I drop out. I did and have no regrets. A week later I found a beautiful remodeled home in an older neighborhood and fell in love with it. Mark recommended the best lender I have worked with in a long time and we were able to close within 30 days. For first time buyers he makes the entire process a breeze. He explains everything and even recommends the best contractors for additional work to your home. I absolutely love my new home and recommend Mark to everyone. 09/01/2014 – Lindsay
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $150K in Montclair, Augusta, GA.


We feel extremely fortunate to have found Mark! The military recently relocated us to the Augusta area. We had three previous Realtors before we decided to work with Mark. He is EXCEPTIONAL at what he does, which is get the best deal for his clients! Having an agent who is not only very knowledgable in the comprehensive Augusta market, but has an excellent reputation and working relationship with other builders and their respective agents makes all the difference in the world! This was our first home and we decided to go with new construction. Mark was able to negotiate a deal full of upgrades and free stuff we otherwise wouldn’t have gotten had we used one of the previous agents. He’s been professional, prompt, honest and is still easily reached anytime we have questions or concerns. We will always recommend Mark if anyone is looking for a real estate expert!… Read more “John and Katelynn Review of Mulich Realty”

John and Katelynn

Mark helped to make this the best home buying experience that we have ever had! Having purchased several different homes in the past and dealing with different agents in several states, Mark distinguished himself through his exceptional customer service and focus upon us as his clients. He was a tremendous advocate, a fierce negotiator and conducted in-depth market research to ensure that we paid a fair price for our home. Mark surrounds himself with highly capable associates. In particular, the finance team that assisted us with obtaining our mortgage and whose diligence enabled us to have the most seamless closing experience that we have ever had. Mark’s attention to detail and singular focus upon serving his customers will make you feel like you are his only client! We couldn’t have had a better experience and would recommend Mark without hesitation! With extreme gratitude, Cathy and John. 01/09/2014 – Cathy and… Read more “Cathy and John Review of Mulich Realty”

Cathy and John

Mark was amazing. We got his name from a friend who suggested him and he started working with us right away. He was very attentive to our requests and made some very good suggestions along the way. He showed us our house before it was even on the market, which ensured that we were the first offer. He guided us through the process of making a counter-offer and we eventually got the house. He helped us through every part of the process and went out of his way several times to make sure we were comfortable with everything. Communication was great, he was always available when we needed him.
He gave us a very useful list of local contractors that made our move much easier.
More importantly, he made us aware of a local lender, Lewis Baird, who was able to offer us the best interest rate of… Read more “Monique and Jenna Review of Mulich Realty”

Monique and Jenna

If you are looking to purchase a home in or near the Augusta, GA area,
contact Mark Mulich ASAP. I just purchased my first home and I couldn’t be happier. Mark introduced me to a local lender who locked me into a great mortgage rate and had me closing on a home in about a month after I went under contract. I initially applied for a loan with Wells Fargo and the rep there would not return my calls or emails (even after he processed all my pre-qualification papers). With Mark and the local lender working together, everything went very smoothly. Communication was everyone’s priority so I was never in the dark about anything. If I had a question about anything (day or night), Mark would reply right away by phone, text message, or email (or make all the necessary calls/emails to get an answer for me). I am… Read more “James Review of Mulich Realty”


Mark is a true professional. He has an incredible attention to detail while providing an attorney like representation of his clients. Throughout the entire process from our home search to finding a home, he advised us based on his years of experience and knowledge of homes and the CSRA region. One of the most impressive moments was during the negotiating of our purchase contract. He correctly advised us that the home was overpriced and was eventually proven right by the home appraisal and the sellers had to drop the price. He also correctly advised us as to what was fair to expect from the sellers based on their price point. We highly recommend Mark Mulich as your realtor! 12/26/2014 – Gary and Jennifer
Bought a home in 2014 in Montclair, GA 30907.

Gary and Jennifer

If you are looking for an agent to represent your interest in finding the right home for you, Mark is the very best in the CSRA. No one can match his knowledge of the local RE market. His extensive understanding of the real estate purchase process allows him to make your experience seamless. He is patient with his clients; he will work to understand what your home ownership desires are and skillfully guide you to the best decision for you and your family. He responds immediately to you and for you. His extensive use of technology makes him the most efficient real estate agent I have ever had the opportunity to represent me. His attention to all details from start to finish and ability to get things done is unbelievable. I work in the financial services regulatory field and without a doubt Mark’s ethics are beyond question and his understanding… Read more “Emitt Review of Mulich Realty”


We moved to the Augusta, Georgia area knowing nothing about the neighborhoods and wanted the best schools for my children. Mark went above and beyond to make sure we knew everything about buying a house and guided us every step of the way. He was always available when we needed him. He replied back to all the emails we sent him within a timely manner. Mark put us in touch with the right lending personnel. We put our trust in him and he did not let me down. I am very thankful for everything he has done to make the purchase of my first house a positive experience. Mark Mulich is the best. 02/11/2013 – Dewayne and Jessica
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $150K in Martinez, GA.

Dewayne and Jessica

Mark Mulich is a great real estate agent. He was honest, hardworking, and had an integrity that we really appreciated. We were first time home buyers so we really leaned on he expertise and we are thoroughly satisfied with our experience. There was no drama, he listened to our concerns and made the whole process very easy. He presented our options and then let us decide what we wanted to do. Mark was always very easy to get a hold of and I never had any problems contacting him. When we go to sale we fully intend to ask Mark to list our property. I cannot say enough about how very pleased we are and how happy we are that we found Mark. 12/04/2013 – Devi
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $125K in Grovetown, GA.


Let’s be honest…selling or buying a home can be overwhelming. Mark has done both for me and I only have one thing to say about him: If you’re not working with Mark to sell or buy your next home, you are wasting time, money and effort. Mark is
Honest: you’ll never wonder where you stand or what he’s doing. He will give you a realistic evaluation of how, when and for how much to list your home. Hard Working: I sold my house through Mark from 8 hours away. He was always available and always on top of everything going on around the sale of my home. When we had trouble scheduling needed contractors to prep the home for sale, he took it upon himself to do the work. Likeable: His honesty and professionalism speak for themselves. You never feel like you’re dealing with a stereotypical Realtor…you’ll always feel… Read more “David Review of Mulich Realty”


We learned of Mark thru word of mouth and at every step of the process we were impressed with his knowledge, efficiency, responsiveness, and integrity, He consistently made sure we understood exactly what was going on. His electronic savvy saved us hours on the road and sped up our closing immensely. His true colors shone thru at the closing table when I was prepared, calm, and confident in stark relief to the sellers and their attorney who were clearly unfamiliar with each other and the process. I know he saved us thousands thru his careful research, local connections, and being willing to bargain on our behalf. He does not hesitate to share from his extensive lifetime knowledge of the Augusta area and is equally comfortable with both South Carolina and Georgia real estate closings. 05/20/2014 – Dr Anders
Bought a Condo home in 2014 for approximately $125K in North… Read more “Dr Anders Review of Mulich Realty”

Dr Anders

Mark and his team are excellent, very professional and straightforward. Mark will guide you through the process, providing helpful tips and insight. Always available and very attentive. I spoke to several realtors, but Mark earned our trust in a short period. He was extremely patient and showed us all the properties we wished to see and some he suggested as well. Great experience! 12/20/2016 – darrell cadiz
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $250K in Grovetown, GA.

Darrell Cadiz

Our family bought our very first home in December of 2011. What made me choose Mark was a cool ad I saw online and in that ad he said he was military friendly. That did it for us; as we are a military family. I e-mailed him late at night and by the next morning he gave us a call. Mark listened to what we wanted. Mark pays attention to details. He always gave his undivided attention. He never rushed us. He knows the Augusta area well. He was there when we had any questions and believe me, being first time home buyers; we had LOTS of questions. He would always answer his phone when we called him. Mark was THERE for US as buyers. He helped us get the best deal for our family. So we found a house and LOVED it. I will tell you how good Mark… Read more “Jared and Emily Review of Mulich Realty”

Jared and Emily

We contacted Mark because we had heard his name come up from a few families that we knew in the area. After speaking with him for the first time, we knew we wanted to do business with him. He treated us like human beings instead of a quick payday. We had known we would be moving to the Augusta area for a few months and had been scouring the real estate websites, taking note of several homes that sparked our interest. Mark took our search one step further and generated an automatic search for us based on the parameters we laid out. We would receive new messages every day of potential homes that could suit our needs and wants. With our busy lives, this saved us a tremendous amount of time and energy. Whenever a home popped up that we liked, we could then take that listing to Mark, who… Read more “Chris and Katie Review of Mulich Realty”

Chris and Katie

Mark is simply the best source for Augusta real estate news and information! He helped me and my wife for a period of 6 months while we were in Europe. We gave me specific criteria for what we were looking for – area, schools, rooms, square footage, etc. He not only told us his own opinion out our criteria but he also explained why he was right and wouldn’t you know it lots of other options became available for us to choose from. He sent us listings every week for us to look at. He always answered our questions no matter how silly or insignificant we thought they were. He also recommended a local lender that was simply superb to work with! All told once we arrived in the area, we had our house picked out within 3 days and an agreed upon purchase agreement the next! He not only… Read more “Carl and Wendy Review of Mulich Realty”

Carl and Wendy

Mark contacted us after we sent an inquiry to several of the local realtors listed. He responded right away and answered all questions at length. A good rapport developed quickly and we choose to work with Mark over the other realtors that had replied. Logistically, we could have been a nightmare to work with: first time buyers, military PCS with no knowledge of the area. Also, we were doing our house search from the West coast and the only time available to us was evening. Mark seemed to practically work through the night, responding to our inquiries very quickly, especially at the beginning of our search when the questions really were endless. We also needed to buy the house without being physically present for the closing. Mark put us in touch with an attorney and he worked out all the documentation we would need to secure our Power of Attorney.… Read more “Camlon and Rachel Review of Mulich Realty”

Camlon and Rachel

My experience with Mark in both selling my home and buying of a new home was nothing short of fantastic and miraculous. I am an extremely detail-oriented person and had been watching the area that I wanted to move to for over a year. I knew that I would need to sell my townhouse to move and that I wanted to move quickly because interest rates were excellent. When looking for an agent, I wanted to find someone responsive, that could help me throughout the process and hopefully leave me feeling happy about the transaction. So I did what any prepared buyer would do, I typed “Best Realtor in Evans, GA” into google. Much to my amusement, several links did pop up but then I went through them and read the reviews and decided to work with Mark based on other people’s experiences with him. I was ready to move… Read more “Dr. Williams Review of Mulich Realty”

Courtney Williams

If you are like me, you stumbled upon Mulich Realty while online house hunting. While the prior positive reviews were good, they honestly don’t do him justice. Let me assure you that Mark Mulich is an upper echelon realtor. I truly believe that Mark and his level of service is in a class of its own. My high expectations were not only met but exceeded. Mark functioned on many occasions more as a knowledgeable advisor looking out for our best interest than a realtor. This was our second home purchase and the differences between our last realtor and Mark were innumerable. There were so many times that he went above and beyond a realtor’s normal job description. We were living out of state and looking to purchase a home in GA. Mark was accommodating even with our busy, nearly impossible schedule. He was outstanding at pointing out quality and resale… Read more “Dr. Greene Review of Mulich Realty”


For the ultimate, idyllic, paramount, preeminent Realtor/Broker in this Universe, contact Mark Mulich. I am the type of person who conducts a thurough research on anything I pursue, (for my own knowledge and because I want the best). We are first time home buyers, so I researched and interviewed many realtors but I chose Mark Mulich. I contacted him on a SUNDAY afternoon, and he actually personally answered the phone to talk to me on a Sunday! We clicked immediately. My husband and I were on a very short time schedule because I am pregnant, in my last month, and due very soon. We wanted to be in our dream home before our daughter arrived, and Mark made that happen! He was extremely informative every single step of the way. He provided information and insight to what would happened next, and If we had any questions Mark responded immediately, what… Read more “Djoii Review of Mulich Realty”


As a first time home buyer I could not have asked for a better agent than Mark. I was still in Japan when I first contacted Mulich Realty. Even though I was thousands of miles away Mark responded to every email I sent within 24 hours. He had houses lined up to show as requested as soon as I arrived in Georgia. My pick of houses was middle class but I was treated as if I was the most important client on his schedule. I looked at over 30 houses in 2 weeks and Mark was with me every step of the way; from first to second and third looks, before and after work hours with my husband even inspections and walk throughs with the builder. He sent reminder emails and even confirmed appointments. I felt like I had a personal assistant. I expected to be completely stressed out going… Read more “Carrie Review of Mulich Realty”


Mark was fantastic to work with and I was buying from out of town. He is very professional and means it when he says he works for you. Some people have issues providing the information to get preapproved but once you do that he will move heaven and earth to make the deal work. The surprising difference was his honesty. We found a couple of houses and when we showed him he bluntly told us you don’t want to live in that area. He doesn’t to a deal to get paid but instead does deals which are best suited for his clients. He has the best mortgage representative I have ever seen who worked more to get me a great rate than I actually needed. Everything about my experience was positive. If you are serious about buying a house use Mark and rely on the expertise you pay for and… Read more “Bill Review of Mulich Realty”


I can not say how much I appreciate Mark’s professionalism, assistance, and expertise demonstrated during the entire process. I am a first time home buyer that had several questions on the area, amenities, home buyer responsibilities, and financing process. First, he came highly recommended from friends that utilized him during a previous home buy. I contacted him prior to my move and within 2 hours we outlined a plan based on location, amenities, size, travel distances, and budget. He was able to provide expectations and recommendations. During home visits he provided guidance on area expertise, potential home inspection violations, flood zones, and appliance maintenance timelines. Mark has a remarkable ability to communicate with all personality styles to highlight the positives and provide awareness for “red flags”. He has the ability to know what the buyer wants and deliver. I found a move-in-ready location quickly, negotiate for all major appliances, and… Read more “Beaux Lane Review of Mulich Realty”

Beaux Lane

Mark Mulich made being first time homebuyers easy. The whole process was a breeze because we chose him as our realtor. Every single detail was thought out. Mark was also extremely organized and responded to texts and emails within an hour often within minutes. I can be a compulsive emailer sometimes sending many a day. Mark responded to every single one of them quickly and throughly. You can tell he works very hard and always goes that extra mile for his clients. He did many things that he technically didn’t have to, but did because he is a great realtor. I would recommend him to everyone. He is so very kind and I think he is by far the best realtor in Augusta. No one else even comes close. 01/06/2016 – Chad and Amber
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 in Grovetown, GA.

Chad and Amber

My wife and I bought our first house with Mark and had such a great experience that we decided to contact him again to sell that house. Both times Mark was professional, responsive, knowledgeable, and made every process as simple as possible for us. When we purchased our home, he advised us on neighborhoods, schools, and distances from local areas (grocery, parks, etc). His knowledge allowed us to purchase a home that appreciated in value after only a few years. When it came time to sell our home, we called Mark based on our previous experience. Mark provided us with knowledge of what we should do to prime our home for sale, and also recommended several contractors that worked out great. We were surprised that we had multiple showings the first day the house was listed (Halloween Day!) considering that we listed the house so late in the year. The… Read more “The Vrabely’s Review of Mulich Realty”


If you want an outstanding Realtor with great skills, great knowledge, and that will bend over backwards for you look no further. You have found that person in Mark. Mark spent countless time with myself and my wife while we were traveling in from out of town. He consistently checked on the progress of my home being built and kept me updated with photos and videos. Mark is extremely professional and knowledgeable in the painful process of searching for and buying a home. Though we had some problems with our builder throughout the process, Mark was there every step of the way to ensure the problems were resolved swiftly and to my satisfaction! He always made himself available to me whenever I called with questions or when I came into town. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor. Thanks Mark for a job extremely well done! — Andrew and… Read more “Andrew and Glorimar Review of Mulich Realty”

Andrew and Glorimar

There is no other realtor like Mark. He goes above and beyond the call of duty as a realtor. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to the home buying process. He is very meticulous and ensured that all the proper documentation was taken care of in a very organized and timely fashion. I would highly recommend that Mark be the realtor of choice on your next home buying adventure! 02/22/2012 – Teri
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately $225K in Grovetown, GA.

Allen and Teri

Mark could not have been more helpful or thoughtful for all of our needs with buying our house. We were new home-buyers, and Mark helped us every step of the way, presenting all the information in a way that we could understand and never failing to answer a question. We could not have done this without his expert help. 03/20/2014 – Alexander
Bought a Single Family home in 2014 for approximately $175K in Grovetown, GA.

Alexander and Justine

Mark listened closely to what we were responding to postively in each home and was able to eliminate some homes from a list of prospective houses. He didn’t waste our time, by eliminating those homes that would meet our criteria. We found Mark to most helpful throughout the whole time that we searched. He made himself available for us to view several homes multiple times as we made our mind up. He is by far the best agent we have had, as we have bought five houses in the past 10 years. I would and have recommended his company to others as we have shared about our purchase. 02/22/2012 – Ron Fearneyhough
Bought a home in 2012 in Montclair, GA 30907.

Ron Fearneyhough

We had Mark when we bought our house and we knew right away when we had to suddenly sell it, that we were going to use him to sell it. He had our house under contract in 22 days! He was helpful on both sides. Any question and any time of day he would answer them and answer them in great detail. If he wasn’t sure of an answer, he would find out and then let us know. If we ever come back to Augusta, we will 100% be giving Mark a call to find us another house! Thank you for everything, Mark! 08/13/2015 – Paul and Sarah
Bought and sold a home in 2015 in Snead, Evans, GA 30809.

Paul and Sarah

My wife and I feel very fortunate to have connected with Mark to help us find and purchase our new home. He was always there for us every step of the way. More than responsive, he went above and beyond to make sure that we knew everything that we needed to know to end up with the best home for us. I highly recommend speaking with him if you are looking in the Augusta area. 01/06/2014 – Matt and Seni
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $275K in Grovetown, GA.

Matt and Seni

My family and I PCS’d to Gordon. Having heard about Mark through Facebook and some mutual friends in my unit, I decided to give him a call. Mark was incredibly attentive to our needs and that was much appreciated given we were communicating from out of State, and at all hours of the day and night through email. When I arrived, Mark had a list of homes that we saw and we knocked them all out in a day. I cannot say enough good things about him. Insanely giving guy – of both his time and money. We found a home that we love and under budget. He tended to every single thing, and we were relieved because we were first time home buyers. He stepped us through every bit of the way in our home purchase. I really felt Mark actually cared about us, I mean sincerely cared what… Read more “Mathew and Jaimi Review of Mulich Realty”

Mathew and Jaimi

Mark was a star from start to finish. I could not have had a better first home-buying experience. He was friendly, professional, incredibly knowledgeable, and honest. I will likely contact his team when it comes time to sell or rent as well. Working with Mark was an absolute joy and you would be smart to choose him as your realtor. 06/01/2016 – Mark Dowd
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $200K in Grovetown, GA.

Mark Dowd

Working with Mark Mulich was an absolute pleasure. He assisted me with the purchase of my first home. Prior to working with him, I had a different agent that had me lost, confused, and misinformed. Mark Mulich was everything I’d hope a real estate agent would be and more. I’m in the military stationed overseas and did the entire home buying process via email. Even with that, his responses were swift. There was a very personal touch with his service. Everything from the pictures to video tours to price negotiations and updates throughout were amazing. Mark took care of me and I have every confidence that he provides the same attention to all of his customers. 04/11/2015 – Mareo Alexander
Bought a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $275K in Grovetown, GA.

Mareo Alexander

Mark Mulich is a blessing, he was exceptional in helping us find and purchase a home that we closed on May 14th 2015. Mark knows the ins and outs of the housing market in the area and he will always give you an immediate and honest feedback on any questions you might have. I do not even know were to start, but my wife and I only have positive feedback about Mark. Mark is the type of person that will represent your interests above all. Mark is a true professional and a gentleman, he is a man with character and integrity, and when you are looking to make a big purchase such as a home those are qualities you want a realtor to have. Initial contact: My wife and I decided to look at houses online and came across Mark, read his reviews and decided to send him an email.… Read more “Ruiz Family Review of Mulich Realty”


I contacted Mark because he came highly recommended by a friend. The response was almost immediate. We were moving from out of state and most of the coordination was over email, text and phone calls. Mark was always prompt and courteous. His knowledge of the builders, lenders, subdivisions and contractors in the CSRA is extensive and you’d be hard pressed to find someone else with the expertise he has. If you’re looking for a hardworking and professional realtor, look no further. Mark is the man! 04/02/2016 – JustinFreeman87
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $250K in Grovetown, GA.

Justin Freeman

My father recently passed away and being the only child, I was in charge of selling his house in Augusta. The level of difficulty was increased since I live in Washington State which is almost 3,000 miles away. Mark Mulich knew exactly how to handle this situation to make the entire process simple and painless.
Mark continued to impress me by not being afraid to handle a difficult property in a difficult market. He went above and beyond to make sure the property showed well and received good traffic. When we received an offer with an out of town lender, Mark cautioned me that this could be an issue later down the road. Mark’s prediction was correct. Two days before closing the lender failed. Rather than having to start over, Mark had alternate buyers with a backup offer ready and waiting. We were able to finalize and close the… Read more “The Sijgers Review of Mulich Realty”

The Sijgers

I was a first-time buyer, military and getting ready to deploy on temporary orders. Mark not only broke down the real estate laws regarding the properties I was looking at but also showed me several properties on short notice (always promptly on time). He never missed a call or an e-mail and there never was a break in communication. Mark tirelessly worked with me and my situation to make sure I received everything I required in a home. The only snag we had was my fault and was due to NOT listening to his advice and going with USAA as a lender instead of a local lender. If I had followed his advice, it would have made the process of buying the home much smoother. That being the case, Mark still stayed on the sale driving it to close and negotiated very favorable terms for me despite the fact that… Read more “Joseph Collins Review of Mulich Realty”


I had such an amazing experience with Mark. Mark was extremely professional and very detail oriented. He was always available to me and went above and beyond the call of duty. He helped me out on numerous occasions when I was out of town with odds and ends at my townhouse, no other realitor would have done that. I highly recommend Mark! 12/01/2015 – Jodi
Sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $100K in Evans, GA.


We were so please to have Mark as our realtor. Having never owned a home, all of this was new to us. Mark helped us through the process and made buying our home easy with a professional and kind manner. We are so grateful and are loving our new home. I want to add that we are a military family, and were referred to Mulich realty through another military family. We all know how difficult and stressful this lifestyle can be (this will make our seventh move in as many years) but Mark was understanding and knowledgable. We couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and highly recommend! 05/04/2016 – Jesse
Bought a Single Family home in 2016 for approximately $175K in Grovetown, GA.


Mark Mulich is an excellent professional, as well as a plain good guy. Working with him was truly a pleasure. When our family moved to the area, circumstances made it most practical for us to shop online and place an offer sight-unseen. Mark came personally recommended to us, and that, combined with glowing online reviews, made us comfortable enough to work with him. Right from the start Mark was prompt in answering all of our questions about particular properties and the home-buying process. He was often available to speak with us late into the night to accommodate the time difference. Mark was also forward enough to dissuade us from certain houses that we liked due to his knowledge of the builders and neighborhoods in this area. He steered us toward homes that were not only what we were looking for now, but that would be an investment into our future.… Read more “Jesse David Review of Mulich Realty”

Jesse David

I was deployed when I was hired for a position in at Fort Gordon. I decided it would be better to buy than rent so I found Mark through Zillow and emailed him inquiring about where to start. Mark quickly emailed me back and broke down the entire process in detail from start to finish. He took my price range, location, and must haves and gave me updated listings almost every day. He steered me away from bad homes and pointed out hidden value in other homes.
When Mark says trust him on the lender, DO IT! He put me in contact with a local bank that gave me an amazing interest rate much lower than the banks I had previously looked into. Mark guided me through every step of the way and made sure once we found the house I wanted that we were the first to see… Read more “Daniel Review of Mulich Realty”


Awesome realtor was a huge help in getting me in the right house. Went through two other real estate agents before going with mark. you can tell he actually cares about whether you will be happy where you move to or not and not just how much of a comission he will be making. 04/18/2013 – Christopher
Bought a Single Family home in 2013 for approximately $100K in North Augusta, SC.


Mark is fabulous!! We recently sold our first home, and purchased our second home with Mark’s help. He is extremely knowledgeable in every aspect of the realty business. Mark gave us advice on everything from which lender to use, what houses were good investments down to a list of home improvement references after the purchase of our home. There were a few bumps in the road, none of which were Mark’s fault but he made the bumps as smooth as possible and worked hard for US! As stressful as the home selling and buying process can be, I always felt at ease knowing Mark was on our side. He was a true advocate for us, as we are for him. 06/29/2015 – heather shelton
Bought and sold a Single Family home in 2015 for approximately $175K in Martinez, GA.

Heather and Christopher

Hands down Mark is the best realtor in Augusta. Mark assisted me in the purchase of my very first home. What could have been a nightmare Mark turned it into a plesant home buying experience. Mark was there for me every step of the way. If I had any question or concerns he was always there readily available with an answer. He also made sure that I was an informed first time buyer. So when I meet with my lender I had the knowledge of an experienced home buyer. I just can’t thank Mark enough. Mark goes above and beyond for his clients. He is always looking out for the best interest of his client and that is very hard to find in realtors these days. Mark you are truly the best. Keep up the good work. 04/22/2012 – Sabrina
Bought a Single Family home in 2012 for approximately… Read more “Sabrina Review of Mulich Realty”


My husband began working with Mark over the phone/internet while he looking for homes from hundreds of miles away. He had a great experience with Mark from the start. He got back to us quickly and was honest about areas we were looking in and offered suggestions. Once we met Mark we knew we picked the right Realtor. He was very open and honest with us about some other houses we had put on our list. He pointed out things that we as new home buyers would have looked over. We found a house we loved in a day! Mark showed us a home that we hadn’t even come across, and we loved it! Mark was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable. We have given his name out to anyone we hear is looking for a home in the area. We highly recommend using Mark Mulich, Mulich Realty. 11/08/2013 – The… Read more “The Bennicks review of Mulich Realty”

The Benneck's

I really don’t know where to start with explaining how great of a realtor Mark was in my home buying experience. When I initially contacted Mark about purchasing a home his first words to me was “if you can just trust me and follow the directions that I give you, then I can get you in the home that you want.” Mark immediately begin to tell me what the process would be like and what to expect. I always had the most current listings that was sent out. Mark is honest, thorough and straight to the point. Mark said that he would tell me things that he wished someone told him when he was buying his first home and immediately that pulled me in because I was a first time home buyer and I needed someone like Mark on my team. Mark doesn’t just give you insight on the present,… Read more “Lauren Williams – Review of Mulich Realty”

Lauren Williams

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