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Why Choose Mulich Realty?

Why choose me as your agent and what sets me apart from every other agent in Augusta?

  • I’m licensed as a Broker, not just an agent. In a nutshell, being licensed as a Broker means I achieved the highest level of training, own my own company, and with my qualifications, I can hire and train agents. There are very, very, few qualifying Brokers in Augusta looking to do business with you personally. I started in the real estate business in real estate investing in the 1990’s, where I’ve purchase well over two million dollars in homes that I bought personally, and either sold for profit, or still have as part of an investment inventory here in Augusta.
  • My work ethic. I only take 3 days off per year: Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. That’s it. I work 7 days per week, which is typical of a workaholic and a perfectionist. I’m also self made – I don’t have a wealthy father who gave me money or my start in business. There are several top producers who are riding the coat tails of established family wealth, or a wealthy spouse. I come from a broken home, raised by a single mom, attended the worst inner city schools in Augusta, and we were a poor family. My family PCS’d to Fort Gordon where my father retired from the Army after 20 years of honorable service. We’ve been in Augusta ever since. I began my first job at 15 years of age in Augusta washing dishes at a local restaurant. I am divorced, no pension, no retirement, no incoming revenue whatsoever – just profit from good business decisions. I do not have a spouse with a second income to catch me if I make a bad decision or if I’m hit with financial difficulty – I have to work and think my way out of it. I am a true full time real estate expert and skilled entrepreneur.
  • I stepped out on my own under my own name in real estate with zero help or assistance from anyone. No franchise, no connections in the business, no business loan, just a few thousand dollars I had saved from my Information Technology career. I can’t stress to you enough how difficult it is to do that in real estate when you are up against billionaire real estate companies in Augusta. I have proven you can succeed in this business with a strong work ethic, an education, good business decisions, persistence, and creative thinking. In turn, I assist you in your home purchase/sale as if your money was my money.
  • My word of mouth and public reviews are unmatched. However, doing the volume that I do, there will always be one or two in the bunch who didn’t listen to sound advice, having their deal fall apart, and at the end of the day they blame me. Those exceptions aside, I have roughly 7 times the positive reviews of any agent in Augusta. Those reviews are not faked. At each closing I take a picture for the family’s memory book, attach a name to that family, and then attach their review of my service. Please see those on my Facebook page here:
  • My efficiency, organization, and project management skills. I was an Information Technology expert for about a decade and a half before switching to real estate full time. I take advantage of digital documents and technology to save us both time, and to create convenience. My email comes straight to my cell phone that is almost always in arm’s reach, and I do cell phone texting as a third form of communication for your convenience.

I ask just three things of anyone who chooses me as their agent. Firstly, I’d like to say I’m honored with your choice to do business with me. The three things I ask are 1. for you to trust me fully in a real estate transaction. Without your full trust, the transaction will slowly fall apart 2, to acknowledge that I am the real estate expert. You won’t find anyone with my level of expertise, not even collectively gathering information from friends, family, and the Internet, and 3. Choice of communication methods to be any of three ways: phone if initial meet and greet, emergency or critical issue, email for routine procedures, or text for quick short questions. I have to be most delicate with phone calls. Email and text allow me to appropriately and efficiently delegate to transaction coordinators. Although I would like to, it isn’t physically possible for me to be on the phone for each person who would like a call. Please take advantage of email and text as I will promise you a response within a 24 hour period even on Holidays.

Although I cannot control all of the variables, especially when there is another agent from another firm involved, I do look forward to making the biggest purchase of your life as stress free as possible.


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